• The IRS Hitman
  • The IRS Hitman
  • The IRS Hitman
  • The IRS Hitman
  • The IRS Hitman

Every taxpayer deserves a fair defense against the deviousness of the IRS. With the Hit Squad’s help, I can save your family, business, home, and way of life from IRS abuse.

If your IRS debt has you cornered and you want to stop it dead in its track, contact me today. I have the muscle you need to fight and beat the IRS.

I have the knowledge to reduce or remove IRS interest & penalties.
I’ll act in your behalf between you and the IRS, and stop IRS abuse.
I’ll get most bank or wage levies lifted within 24 hours.
I’ll provide relief so your family can focus on what really matters: living life.
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By Any Means Necessary

How the IRS Ruins Lives

They use threats and strong-arm techniques to get what they want. They’ve torn apart families, businesses, and even entire towns for their own gain. They make their income through intimidation, theft, and defacing someone’s good name. I’m not talking about the mafia or organized crime; I’m talking about the IRS.

Inside Knowledge of the IRS

Now Working on Your Side

I worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 7+ years, until a life-changing experience while working as an IRS agent led me to become a defender of the taxpayer rather than the persecutor. I am the IRS Hitman. Along with my Hit Squad, my goal is to provide taxpayers with knowledge, defense and relief from IRS harassment.

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