About the IRS Hitman

Who Is the IRS Hitman?


Want to be free from tax debt? Do you want to protect your bank accounts, paychecks, and assets from IRS seizure? That’s where I come in. I give you the solutions you need to take control and solve your Tax Debt for good.

I am the IRS Hitman. I am the man the IRS doesn’t want you to hear. As a former IRS Revenue Officer, I worked for the largest collection agency in the country for nearly 10 years. I had a license to steal, and I took $10,000,000 from the American Taxpayer. I believed what I was doing was for the good of my country, but one tragic event changed my mind. Now, I work for you, providing solutions for your Tax Debt to avoid IRS collections.

Empowering with Tax Knowledge

Since the fateful day when I switched from the dark side, I’ve helped hundreds in need of IRS Help. I’ve worked behind the scenes at the largest Tax Representation companies in America. I’ve written hundreds of articles on the tax debt issues plaguing American citizens like wage garnishment, bank levies, tax levies, and other IRS collections activities. I’ve covered nearly every tax topic imaginable, and my mission is to be the Defender of the American Taxpayer. When there is no place to turn, the IRS Hitman is on your side.

Hitman Reality TV

I understand that Taxes are not the most exciting topic in the world. This is where my Reality TV show comes in. I know that by making taxes entertaining, I can really show what the IRS is doing to the people of this Nation. This new approach should help people take action; to take charge and resolve their tax problems or change IRS laws they feel are unfair.

The Day I Became The IRS Hitman

As an IRS Agent, I shut down, took away, and otherwise destroyed people’s financial hopes and dreams for the future, and every day was a day of taking, just like the day before…

Except for the day that began with a knock on the door. The door opened, and standing before my fellow revenue officers and me was an unknowing, bright-eyed woman in her sixties, who happily showed us around while serving us cookies and milk.

She had no idea what was going to happen. It wasn’t until we began applying government stickers on all the assets, which read: “seized and owned by the U.S. Government” that she realized the purpose of our visit.

As officers for the U.S. Government, we were taking everything, and I wore a badge, which have me license to steal. I watched her smile disappear and tears well up in her eyes, and she asked simply, “Why can’t you help me?” How many of us remember that singular defining moment in our lives that changes everything? One moment… and there it is.

A moment where, for every business, every person’s future I changed… every life that I had taken from, flashed before my eyes. It was all I could do to find the words to say to her, “I’m sorry.” In an instant, I could see life’s beauty fade from her eyes. And there was nothing I could do to stop it. For her, the moment was gone.

As a Revenue Officer, it was not my job to offer her solutions. It was only my job to take. As the moment passed, I knew it was time to turn the tables. What I was doing didn’t make sense anymore. An unscrupulous employee had taken advantage of her, yet to the IRS she wasn’t a person, she was a number on a dotted line.

Red ink. A government deficit, who had to pay! And she simply asked, “Why can’t you help me?”

As I left her behind, I could feel blood rushing to my face. My heart raced, and I knew I could never take from people that way again. I knew there were options for those like her, who were victims of an uncaring system. I knew I had to turn the tide to help those like her, from that moment on.

For years, I had been a Hitman for the IRS. But now it was time to BE the IRS Hitman… for her.