As an authority on all things taxation, I’ve written hundreds of articles over the years as the IRS Hitman. Below, you will find a list of subjects I cover in my blog. Click on the categories to read some of my most helpful blogs for people with serious tax problems. If you need immediate help, call or fill out the submission form to receive a phone call within 30 minutes!

“My back taxes had been haunting me for years & the bank levy happened so quickly; I’m glad I had you behind me every step of the way. Everyone is astonished that I got all my money back so soon. I am eternally grateful! ” – Christopher M., Minneapolis, MN

Bank Levy Articles

If a bank levy is even a possibility, you need to get fully informed. A levy can come after just about any financial account that you can touch. If it has your name on it, the IRS will try. These blogs will help keep you from financial ruin!

Business Tax Articles

Business tax problems are far more difficult than personal tax issues. These blogs offer great tips to avoid more complications, and keep you and your business from sinking down in tax debt!

Financial Hardship Articles

Sometimes, tax debt is just another money problem on top of a pile of others. If you simply do not have the money to pay the IRS and the IRS is making it even harder to get on your feet, then you need to read these blogs right away!

Innocent Spouse Articles

If you have been blindsided by a spouse’s tax debt suddenly becoming your tax problem, you may qualify to have some or all of your tax debt eliminated! Find out how, by reading these blogs.

Installment Agreements Articles

The best way to resolve most tax problems is to enter into a installment agreement. However, not all payment plans work for every situation. Find out more about your installment agreement options!

IRS Notice Articles

Don’t let levies and liens sneak up on you! Find out what IRS notices you should be on the look out for and what they mean for you.

Marriage & Taxes Articles

Money is one of the top subjects married couples fight over. Don’t let taxes make matters worse! Find out how marriage changes how the IRS collects and what you can do about it!

Offer in Compromise Articles

Can you really settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar”? Find out all the real facts on this highly advertised tax settlement.

Payroll Tax Articles

Adding employees to your strategy helps your business grow! It also further complicates your tax matters. These blogs will help you with your payroll tax issues and update you on changes.

Penalty Abatement Articles

Penalties and interest make up for a large portion of many tax debts. Depending on certain conditions, the IRS will abate some or all of a tax debt’s penalties and interest. Find out more by reading these blogs!

Tax Lien Articles

A tax lien is a pervasive weapon used by the IRS. Find out what a tax lien really does and what your options are with these blogs!

Wage Garnishment Articles

When the IRS attacks your wages, you rarely take home enough to cover basic expenses. Find out how to prevent and even stop wage garnishments from ruining your life by getting informed!

Tax Scam Articles

Don’t make your tax problems even worse by falling for traps laid out for taxpayers! Find out what you need to avoid now!

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