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The Johnson family had an IRS tax debt of almost $23,000 and lived in constant fear that their bank accounts would be levied again. Therefore, every payday Mr. Johnson would wake up early and withdraw from the family’s bank accounts before the IRS could empty them. Knowing this was no way to live, the Johnson family contacted the IRS Hitman.

The IRS Hitman is an ex-IRS agent who helped the IRS put families in financial ruin for years. He ultimately switched sides and started working for taxpayers, giving them the help they needed to resolve their IRS tax problems.

The IRS Hitman filed the returns the Johnson family was missing, and performed a financial analysis to determine what the family could afford to pay the IRS. The end results were a fair monthly payment plan with the IRS, and a stay of collections so that Mr. Johnson could sleep-in on paydays, but the most important thing the IRS Hitman did for the Johnson family was give them peace of mind about their financial future.